Information day for new Doctoral students at the University of Sétif 1


As part of the implementation of the Decree #1419 of December 24, 2022, a 4-hour session took place with the new doctoral students for the academic year 2022-2023, on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 from 9 am at the Doctoral School Amphitheatre (El Bez Campus).

The aim of this meeting is to explain to the new doctoral students the details of doctoral training, the different regulations, the presentation of the university, its different organs and its research entities.

The first communication was presented by Dr Nadir Alikhodja, Head of Quality Assurance Unit. He highlighted the importance of ethics and deontology at the university.  He then spoke about Quality Assurance in higher education and scientific research in particular.

The first theme addressed by Pr Mohamed Hamidouche, Vice-rector in charge of doctoral degree programs and scientific research.  He presented doctoral training and explained the regulatory aspects.

The speaker emphasized the links between postgraduate training and scientific research as well as the coupling between scientific research and the needs of the socio-economic sector.

More than 165 doctoral students registered in the first year took part in this meeting.

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