Our mission


The Vice-rectorate aims at scientific governance of graduate studies, higher education development and research activities valorization. It's mission consists of:

  • Monitoring issues related to running specialized graduate studies and to university habilitation as well as ensuring the implementation of regulations in force in such matter;

  • Monitoring the activities of research units and laboratories and developing their assessment reports in coordination with the faculties and institutes;

  • Carrying out any action for research results valorization;

  • Ensuring the follow-up of the university scientific council functioning and maintaining its records;

  • Collecting and disseminating information on research activities carried out by the university;


  • Cluster
  • Développement Local 2017
    Développement Local 2017
  • Remises des Diplômes Médecine
    Remises des Diplômes Médecine
  • Séminaire Economie
    Séminaire Economie
  • Séminaire Médecine
    Séminaire Médecine
  • UFAS-Allemagne
  • UFAS-Roumanie
  • Signature de Conventions de Recherche 2017
    Signature de Conventions de Recherche 2017
  • Signature de Convention UFAS1 CEVITAL
    Signature de Convention UFAS1 CEVITAL