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Created in 1978 in a spirit of innovation and constant quest for excellence, Ferhat Abbas Sétif University 1 has become over the years a major player and a development driver essential for the region.

Open to its socioeconomic environment and because of its nature as a center dedicated to science and technology, UFAS1 is still committed to a clear and global vision that takes into account the strategic weight of the region in the development of the country at all levels and the great potential of the university.


  • More than 35,000 students including 22,377 in the first cycle (Bachelor's degree programs), 4725 in the second cycle (Master’s degree programs), 6165 in the long-term cycle (Medical Sciences) and more than 2000 student in various doctoral degree programs (third cycle), spread out over 05 Faculties and 02 Institutes; 
  • More than 1,400 faculty including 1/4 higher-ranked teaching staff (other information on teaching staff of all ranks combined);
  • Almost 1,200 administrative staff ;
  • UFAS1 is also 39 research laboratories, a research unit, many support and backing structures and an experimental farm;
  • 55 Bachelor's degree programs, 91 Master's degree programs and 41 doctoral degree programs;

Action Plan 2017-2019 «Training & Research »                            UFAS1 Strategic Development Project 


El-Bez Main

Jardin Sciences

Main Campus 

Tel. 00 213 36 62 02 23/24

El Maabouda Campus 


Faculty of Technology

Tel. 00 213 36 44 46 76

Said Boukhrissa Campus  (Ex. Travaux Publics) 


Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics 

Tel. 00 213 36 74 92 10




Sétif University Center was created in accordance with Executive Decree No.78-133 of April 9, 1978 to host 242 students spread out over three Institutes (Economics, Exact Sciences and Technology, and Foreign Languages).

In 1984, the University Center witnessed the creation of several National Institutes of Higher Education (INES) having administrative and financial autonomy.

In 1989, the INESs were merged to form an establishment having the status of University.

Since October 17, 1992, the university has been proudly bearing the name of the late Ferhat Abbas, a well-known figure of the national movement and first president of the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic (GPRA).

During the academic year 1999/2000 and following the reorganization of the institutes into faculties, Ferhat Abbas University has counted 06 Faculties.

Since 2005, Ferhat Abbas University has gradually adopted the LMD System. Since January 12, 2010, after a new restructuring, our university is made up of 8 Faculties and 2 Institutes.

As from November 28, 2011, two separate universities were created (Sétif 1 and Sétif 2).

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